What People Are Saying About Edwin

“I started training with Edwin specifically for PTK, but I took the DX classes (empty hands) and learned a lot of very valuable skills there as well. Edwin is very humble. He says he just passes on the knowledge, but he is an amazing instructor. He teaches you to get moving and how to be effective from the start. He is also very good at breaking down a drill in pieces that are easy to learn, and explains the significance and application behind it. Anna, the lead female instructor is also highly skilled and very good at teaching women how to be effective through her seminars. I have learned a lot from Anna as well. When you train with Edwin and Anna you train like you fight, but also in a safe manner. Edwin pushes everyone to be their best with the goal of them becoming as good or better than he is. He also makes sure the intensity is right so that you learn the mechanics and can apply them automatically outside of class with the same intensity. Training with Edwin, Anna and the TDA family was the highlight of my time in Dallas. If I hadn’t moved for work, I’d still be making the trip from Dallas 3 days a week, every week! Even though I moved, I am continuing my training with an instructor that Edwin knows in my area. After my experience training with Edwin and Anna at TDA, there’s no way I couldn’t be dedicated to training for life.”

“My daughter has been taking weekly self-defense classes with Edwin for almost a year. In addition to learning the basics of self-defense, her self confidence, especially her confidence in her ability to defend herself, has increased significantly. It has been a wonderful experience for her and given her important tools heading into her teen years!”

“Edwin is a top-quality instructor and truly adjusts to the needs of each student. Generous with his time and knowledge.”

“I signed up a group of high school seniors going off to college next year for a group lesson. My main goal was for them to learn some self defense. I stayed to watch the entire session and I was extremely impressed. Edwin really engaged the girls and made them think about their safety. He taught situational awareness and had them do several hours of hand to hand self defense moves. Most of these girls have never hit anything, so for them fight to protect themselves was very empowering. I learned many moves that my own self defense class didn't teach me. I would recommend this class to anyone wanting a refresher and all parents wanting to give their kids some knowledge on what to do if they are attacked. Edwin and Terry were great instructors and the girls were so pumped up leaving the studio. Money and time well spent!”

“My teenage daughter and I recently completed 6 self-defense lessons with Edwin. We both feel more empowered, aware, and ready. Edwin creates a safe, comfortable environment, and is patient, even with those who have no experience. I obtained specific skills, some of them very simple but effective. He focused his instruction on real-life situations that women might encounter. Most importantly, he inspired a new perspective in me. He is encouraging and also attuned to a person's individual strengths, which makes him an excellent teacher!”

“My Kids LOVE TDA and Edwin Rodriguez. My children have been attending the kids class for almost 4 years and this has been by far one the best decisions I have ever made. Both my children understand that they are to walk away if possible but have the know how to protect themselves if necessary. Edwin is an excellent instructor and breaks the steps down until the whole class is up to speed. He cares about my children and has come out to watch them play baseball and football, and I know my kids love when he comes. Thanks Edwin for being the awesome person you are :)”

Guro Edwin Rodriguez: Edwin is the backbone of the school and one of our lead instructors. Passionate about self-defense and martial arts training, Edwin is highly ranked in the Keysi Fighting Method, holds a Level 2 in CSW student, former ACWA Combatives instructor, and is the lead instructor for the Pekiti Tirsia Kali program under the guidance of Tuhon Tim Waid. He is also one of the four creators of Ballistic3 – The Study of Motion. He continues to seek knowledge outside of TDA to better himself, and members of the TDA. Edwin is truly a “people person” who goes above and beyond for the students of the TDA. Background Training Keysi Fighting Method A.C.W.A. Combatives Pekiti Tirsia Kali Keysi by Justo Dieguez Combat Submission Wrestling Catch Wrestling Defence Lab Tae Kwon Do Fitness Projects Dynamix The Science of Combat Ballistic 3 the study of motion What students are saying about Instructor Edwin Rodriguez Edwin pushes everyone to be their best with the goal of

Guro Edwin Rodriguez